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  • Our process has been designed & crafted very carefully to produce fullest
    customer satisfaction.

    Initial Complementary Site
    The first step in finding a solution to your persistent
    water leak problem is to carry out an investigation. This
    involves simulating the same weather conditions that
    cause the water leaks in your home or premises at the
    noted locations, with the desired end result of
    reproducing the water leak.

    Discussions on the weather conditions evident during
    water leaks
    Passive and direct contact digital moisture meter readings
    Weather analysis via the Internet and local
    weather documentation
    Rain simulation

    Following our investigation you will receive either a
    verbal summary or an investigation summary document,
    detailing the findings and our recommended solutions.

    Should a solution be available immediately, our technician's
    vehicles carry a range of products and tools so
    that on site repairs if appropriate, and after discussion
    with the client, can be effected.

    Quotation / Estimation
    Solution Implementation