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  • We have always been committed to anticipating and adopting new technologies
    that improve our ability to deliver the highest service quality. The New Technology;
    Flood Infusion.
  • What is Flood Infusion?

    It’s an innovative product, which penetrates deeply into
    the substrate and crystallized, providing in-depth sealing.

    No need to hack your floor tiles
    Prevents algae growth
    Seals fine hairline cracks
    It's permanent and transparent
    Excellent ultra-violet and heat resistant
  • Application Areas?

    Tiled Toilet, Kitchen Floor, Concrete Rooftop, Car Park
    Deck, Balcony, Staircase, Corridor and Inter-floor.
  • How to do it?

    (1) Surface Preparation, (2)Actual Application,
    (3)Finishing and (4)Curing. In total, it requires about
    24 Hrs.
  • Our Guarantee

    Unity extends it's ONE(1) YEAR Standard Guarantee to
    this service as well. Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Further Information

    For more detailed information about the New Technology,
    you may take a look at our Technical Brochure.